Constant Voltage Transformer are the electrical stabilizing units that are used as a protection devices for the electric installations to prevent damages from the abrupt and rippled voltage and current signals.
Inductor Transformer
Inductor Transformer is fabricated for decreasing as well as increasing power transmission. It also obstructs alternating current for letting DC to pass. Known for their optimum service, easy installation, etc.
Auto Transformer
Auto Transformer are special kind of mutual induction electrical devices that are provided with a single winding in which the both the primary one as well as the secondary are interrelated. These are manufactured by using high quality conductive materials for safe and efficient working.
Instrument Transformer is acclaimed for providing energy in measuring and protective instruments. It also reduces electrical insulation requirement and consumes less energy. Our offered device have maximum durability and safety.
Line Load  Reactors
Load Banks are highly efficient in generating electrical load for various applications. These are portable, reliable, easy to use, compact in size and applicable for power supply systems.
Transformer Clamp are the zinc plated metallic housing which is especially designed to hold the core and the windings. There are many different sizes of such components availed by us with sheet thickness in between 1.4 to 2.4 millimetres.
Transformer Repairing Service
Our company not only supplies the electrical devices but also provides Transformer Repairing Service to repair or replace the damaged components for the efficient and safe working of the transformers for a longer period of time.
Single Phase Transformer
Single Phase Transformer are electromagnetic static electrical devices that are free from sliding and rotating components for the transformation of the magnetic energy to electrical. The coils of these industrial grade machines excite by using single phase alternating voltage.

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